Legs and Feet Worship

nylons fetishThere is no secret that you crave for the legs and feet of all the beautiful women that you meet out there, but there is only one that knows and understands your weakness – Me. I know how to turn little boys like you into perfect toys, getting you all wrapped around my middle finger, all helpless and weak, totally giving up anything you knew before, just to put yourself at My service.

Time to feed that addiction of yours 😉

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Tic Tac Toes

_DSC5685Clock is ticking again and  it`s that time – Time to give in and give up – Time to kneel and serve – To abandon yourself all at My mercy: helpless, weak, addicted and trapped into the magic spell  of my perfect feet. I`ll be live on cam all evening – get lucky enough to catch me free 😉



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Louboutin for my royal feet

I deserve nothing but the best, and of course my feet deserves the same, and that should be no news for you, little foot boys. I get pleased seeing you spending your savings to buy Me expensive designer shoes. As I have previously admitted it all goes on a vicious circle – you are weak for Me and my perfect feet, and as a Goddess I also have my weakness, the biggest one being the Louboutin shoes. Of course I dont hesitate to pamper my perfect feet and soles wearing other high end fashion shoes designers too, but the iconic red soles are surely the best way to keep Me pleased and happy. Consider yourself lucky, you little foot stud, you finally found the secret to gain My attention – now you know what you gotta do to keep my feet spoiled and happy!




The silky road

DSC_2543Your journey begins under my smooth soles wearing the finest silky nylons, you would love to have them rubbing your face while inhaling the scent of my designer leather shoes that I took off after walking all over you.

You continue to explore the silkness of my sheer expensive nylons as I tease and push you away. You crave for a trip on the silky road, but there is a long way to walk untill you could deserve this privilege.


Drooling at My feet

There is no other who understands better your weakness for gorgeous feet, perfect long legs and high arches combined with smooth soles. I know boys like you better than anyone else, that`s why I have you all wrapped around my little toes. First you`re curious, then you`re getting arroused and of course when you realise you are trapped in an insatiable  addiction for My feet, it`s already too late. Embrace your faith, you were born to serve in the foot stable of a true Goddess.



At My feet where you belong

foot fetishI know how aroused you get while sitting on the floor, and looking up to My perfection.

And I also know how weak you get fantasizing to touch my perfect foot, massage my soles and rub on my toes – keep on dreaming, that should be the challenge of your life, it`s not gonna be easy to impress Me in order to get that privilege, but I`m sure it`s gonna worth every minute of it. Now get to work, foot boy!


The Foot Fetish Princess

Foot Fetish PrincessI bet you all been asking yourself what made me so popular among other financial dommes and foot fetish goddesses – the answer is simple. I am genuine. I am not your ordinary cam girl who does that for a living, on a regular schedule, for Me is not a job, Fin Dom and Foot Fetish is a lifestyle. I do have a busy life but I always find time to put my cam on and fulfill my greedy needs to be served and worshiped properly.

Among all other fetishes that I have, Financial Domination combined with Feet and Shoes worship will always be my favorite, as you can clearly see from the HD gallery I update regularly.

Remember I take requests for custom made photo sets as soon as the worthless money pig convinces me that he embraced his faith: to serve Me, to worship Me, to adore Me, and the most important – To Pay Me.