Missed me, losers?

My fabulous life keeps me busy, that`s right! I see you all waiting in line and sending me desperate messages each day. I get to read them each morning and they always make my day so keep them coming. Isnt it funny how I get to own you even when I am not around? Well, wait for even more funny stuff to come, now that I am around – Ka-ching!


Legs and Feet Worship

nylons fetishThere is no secret that you crave for the legs and feet of all the beautiful women that you meet out there, but there is only one that knows and understands your weakness – Me. I know how to turn little boys like you into perfect toys, getting you all wrapped around my middle finger, all helpless and weak, totally giving up anything you knew before, just to put yourself at My service.

Time to feed that addiction of yours 😉

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