Louboutin for my royal feet

I deserve nothing but the best, and of course my feet deserves the same, and that should be no news for you, little foot boys. I get pleased seeing you spending your savings to buy Me expensive designer shoes. As I have previously admitted it all goes on a vicious circle – you are weak for Me and my perfect feet, and as a Goddess I also have my weakness, the biggest one being the Louboutin shoes. Of course I dont hesitate to pamper my perfect feet and soles wearing other high end fashion shoes designers too, but the iconic red soles are surely the best way to keep Me pleased and happy. Consider yourself lucky, you little foot stud, you finally found the secret to gain My attention – now you know what you gotta do to keep my feet spoiled and happy!




Online for next couple of days

9055Which means you gotta sign up to be able to see Me, chat with Me, or simply lay at My FEET. I got a lot of new foot treats going on, would surely show them to you – floor view. I know how much you little, foot boys love to look up at Me. Soon I`m gonna take a new photo set, modeling all the amazing designer shoes I recently brought – pure dope! – So make sure you also join the Members Area here to access all my photo galleries.



At My feet where you belong

foot fetishI know how aroused you get while sitting on the floor, and looking up to My perfection.

And I also know how weak you get fantasizing to touch my perfect foot, massage my soles and rub on my toes – keep on dreaming, that should be the challenge of your life, it`s not gonna be easy to impress Me in order to get that privilege, but I`m sure it`s gonna worth every minute of it. Now get to work, foot boy!