Weak Foot Boy

He visits Me often, or at least that`s what he says – if you ask Me – it`s as often as his pay check, as that`s the only time when he is worthy of My attention and presence.

He is crazy for Me, I have him by the balls with a simple eye blink. He knows what`s inside to be seen so he is never afraid to surrender into the lure of maximum price per minute, knowing he will end up spending all his salary tho…


He begs for the floor view, and he gets it after a while, when the tent in his pants is bigger than ever and his dick is dripping precum – I should have mercy? No.
I never do. Teasing the shit out of him it`s what he wanted anyway. I move my legs slowly, careful not to give the poor man a heart attack. At the sight of my crossed legs he explodes like never before – he says he must get rid of this addiction. I assume he is right, but that`s gonna happen just untill the next pay day.


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